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четверг, 21 февраля 2013 г.


Kolesnikov G. I.
The philologist, the psychologist, the Doctor of Philosophy,
In article the theoretical substantiation author's конструкту the universal social mechanism of manipulation is given by consciousness of the person, and also specificity of application of the given mechanism in Russia at the present stage comes to light.
Keywords: the manipulation mechanism, consciousness of the person, universal elements 

Колесникова Г. И.
филолог, психолог, доктор философских наук,
В статье дается теоретическое обоснование авторскому конструкту универсального социального механизма манипуляции сознанием личности, а также выявляется специфика применения данного механизма  в России на современном этапе.
Ключевые слова: механизм манипуляции, сознание личности, универсалии.      

Representatives of the various branches of scientific knowledge in his work from time to time indicate that the socio-cultural changes that mark the new millennium, with a dynamic character to act as an initiating factor in the creation of various fractures and displacements in the structural organization and functioning of social institutions. Arising from this situation of uncertainty and unpredictability creating favorable conditions for the manipulation of consciousness at different levels: manipulation of the consciousness of personality, consciousness groups, mass consciousness. However, at any level of guidance stands, above all, the individual consciousness, since consciousness of the individual is integrated into the public consciousness and, thus, the consciousness of the individual becomes a "key access" to public consciousness, to which it can influence it, directing view of attention and forming a definite opinion. That is, the information conveyed through the media, based on the theory of two-step flow of information, E. Katz and P. Lazarsfeld, initially accepted public opinion leaders, and from them transferred to other members of society. This is because the consciousness of the individual includes the individual and social consciousness. Handling effects directed at the public consciousness of personality, which rebuilds the individual consciousness, resulting in a person gets into hard-deterministic social environment, while maintaining confidence that its activities are entirely independent.
Thus, the selection of a universal mechanism for the manipulation of consciousness of personality, which is social and personal nature, there is a possibility of entering the social aspect and a description of its functioning in a highly deterministic socio-cultural environment, because the effects of a mechanism for manipulating the consciousness of personality excludes from its dominant social life in an ordinary environment accident.
Base in the isolation and analysis of a universal mechanism for the manipulation of consciousness of personality is the concept of "manipulation." The integration of different interpretations of this concept offers the following definition of a theoretical construct: the manipulation - is historically conditioned phenomenon, which has a structure consisting of 1) the goal of initiating a certain type of individual behavior without regard to its interests, 2) the secret methods to influence the consciousness of the individual, 3) The actual process of impact on the consciousness of the individual performing the corrective, motivating, guiding function in the management of the individual.
Because the work is based on the needs that need, which is updated at a given time, will initiate the beginning

of a certain type of activities to its satisfaction. Thus, the need is realized at the level of behavior in a particular activity. However, the behavior, carried out by a person under the influence of manipulation and, therefore, not consciously, not equated with activity, as the activity involves the active and deliberate inclusion of the individual in the process of achieving. Therefore, in order to distinguish an individual's behavior carried out under the influence of the outside and having to meet the specific needs instilled introduced the term "behavioral activity". This is all the more necessary because not all activity is expressed at the level of behavior, for example, thought, although, of course, in most cases precedes the appearance and behavior is not all work. Thus, the behavioral activity is a system of actions taken by a person under the influence and manipulation aimed at meeting the needs of the activated
Close but not identical to the theoretical construct of "manipulation" is a theoretical construct of "social mechanism for manipulating the consciousness of personality", which appears in a structure that is part of a social phenomenon - the manipulation and represents the unity and interaction of the three components of universal’s "core" of the mechanism: the introduction, integration and translation. Construct in the context of the situation (a form of government, history and civilization of the form type) is filled with new content, which, without affecting the structural and procedural nature of the mechanism that creates optimal variant of the social mechanism the manipulation of consciousness the individual with regard to specific circumstances. That is, the universal mechanism and structural and procedural items to remain unchanged not depend on the content, which varies from the context of its application.
Universal integration as part of the social mechanism involves the manipulation of consciousness the individual ideas and concepts introduced in the consciousness of the individual manipulators (with a view to issuing false and partially false submissions are really true.) Its procedural manifested in the development, understanding, experience and ideas of representations made ​​to the consciousness of the individual manipulators.
Universal broadcast as part of the social mechanism of the manipulation of consciousness of personality is the expected type of behavior and, accordingly, it’s processual shown to demonstrate the expected behavior of individual manipulators, which is both the goal and result.
Accordingly, before the impact it is necessary to plan, therefore, must be preceded by the manipulative effects of stage of elaboration, which are clarified: 1, program objectives, 2, personal orientation (priorities in the needs, values ​​and attitudes), and 3, a set of tools (methods) for assistance which will be the impact of manipulation, creating in the minds of individual motivation to initiate the necessary behavior of the individual manipulators. The preparatory phase is not an ingredient of the social mechanism of the manipulation of consciousness of personality, but is a separate entity anticipating the application of this mechanism.
On the basis of the classification system of historical types of ideologies and ideological situations VS Malitsky (Malickiy VS 2005) developed a typology of the social mechanism authorial manipulation of consciousness of the individual forms (the forms of government), type (for historical periods), type (type of civilization). At the same used in the classification of the concept of "form", "type", "type" is taken in relation to each other on the principle of "less - a lot."
As the scientific name of any phenomenon is a combination of two names, where the first is a generic name, the second - the species, then, accordingly, the definition of the names and specifics of the social mechanism of the manipulation of consciousness corresponding to features of the current situation in two stages The first stage involves the imposition of the historic residence type of civilization, where the first title will go to the name of civilization type, which acts as a generic, the second - the name of the actual historical form of social mechanism for the manipulation of consciousness the individual acting as a species. For example, the eastern prehistoric type of social mechanism of manipulating the minds of the individual.
Both within each species in the natural sciences is possible to distinguish sub-species, as well, according to the law of analogy, and in civilizational types of social mechanism of the manipulation of consciousness is possible to distinguish the individual sub-species, subspecies which will be allocated as a result of applying the historical form of social consciousness of the individual mechanisms to shape the social mechanism of the manipulation of consciousness the individual. For example, the industrial form of the Western type in combination with a totalitarian form of social mechanism of the manipulation of consciousness of personality will give industrial totalitarian subspecies of the Western type of social mechanism for the manipulation of consciousness of the individual.
In modern Russia, authoritarian tendencies continue in the background are some steps to democracy seem to be very fragile and uncertain, because despite the fact that at the official level, the democratic constitutional norms exist, for example, continues to operate the mechanism of alternative elections on a multiparty basis, but almost in a society dominated by the executive power, weak civil society, clientelistic forms of social relations, monopoly, the shadow economy, and the parliamentary elections of 2003 and the presidential election of 2000 and 2004 clearly indicate a weakening of political competition. However, the major political actors are the segments of the old and "new" elite nature of the interaction which largely determines the evolution of the regime. Moreover, by analyzing the results of elections to the State Duma of IV convocation impossible not to notice the consolidation of centrist forces, consisting of an eclectic synthesis of the ideas of moderate liberalism, moderate nationalism, moderate power nationalism around the then President. This trend over time has not diminished, and expanded its borders.
Thus, the ideology of democracy as a kind of bargaining chip to extend its influence in international relations at the national, which is used in the competition between the nomenclatures-oligarchic groups. Nevertheless, the coming to power of V. Putin may be defined as a turning point in the history of the state, because it marked the end of the transitional phase of the revolutionary with its global economic and socio-political transformations. First of all, this is due to the fact that VV Putin became the first President, the legality of the election is not contested. However, his election was primarily due to fatigue of the people from the crises of intrigue and instability. Thus, Putin has appeared on the political scene in time and in the most appropriate time for the role - the role of savior, because the situation was quite ripe in order to stop and specify the "promised land" that was done immediately. However, despite the criticism of anti-Putin opposition, both from the left flank, and from liberals in Russia was not a complete rejection of democratic norms and institutions, as the impact of the methods used include techniques that are used and politicians of democratic countries and those belonging to totalitarian and authoritarian regimes, and this arsenal are not used stereotyped, as in previous periods, and flexible.
Thus, the ideology and methodology of action proposed by V.V. Putin and his successor stored D.A. Medvedev is actually a peculiar combination of patriotic values ​​with the recognition of private property rights and market economy. That is, the visible features and the technocratic and strategic thinking and design. In the same plane as the political rules of the game is determined solely by the state, in particular through skillfully formed public opinion in such a way as to suppress potentially dangerous to the power problem and the pockets of discontent. Accordingly, the existing regime in a country of this period can be defined as a moderately authoritarian, and the social mechanism for the manipulation of consciousness the personality of this historical period as industrial-type authoritarian Russian subspecies with the trend toward industrial-authoritarian Eastern type. In general, this period can be characterized as stabilizing as the main force for return of the one-man, one-party system, the imperial position as the global and domestic political levels significantly strengthened power vertical and substantially reduced the degree of democratic freedom, proclaimed and sickly existed under Yeltsin. However, this step is fully consistent with the ideology of the Putin-Medvedev and one of the main problems they solved: strengthening the central government as a result of redistribution of power at the grassroots level of the regional elites with the simultaneous creation of a system of federal control. As a result, the governors of sovereign and independent figures will automatically become fully accountable to the federal government the middle link between the Kremlin and is represented in the regional parliament elite.
However, beginning in the 2005-2007 growing trends related to changes in the subject of politics (the people ceases to be a given subject) processes begin to dominate the simulation of the real centers as a result of socio-political life in the country reduced to a minimum, and on follow-up, as a result of acceptance of the Law on Non-Profit Organizations, is planned to establish control. Media are virtually open persecution of those whose participation in the upcoming presidential election campaign is not desirable. In addition, against the background of the expert community imposed on topics to be discussed "nation state", variations on this theme and encourage amateurish arguments about "national idea" attempts to overcome the contradictions in the socio-economic development promoted by the "National Projects" [3] and , respectively, there is a "sequential folding of democratic institutions: the virtual elimination of media freedom, the abolition of gubernatorial elections and elections in single member constituencies, the new laws on political parties and referendum. People deprived of their right to vote to strengthen the so-called "vertical power", which provides a new redistribution of property and rapacious exploitation of natural resources of the country. Shamelessly hiding behind patriotic rhetoric, the regime is strengthened to resist only with their own people - in all other areas of the state weakened and unable to respond to new global challenges. Today, the dynamics of changes in the political life of Russia is now becoming rampant. The current regime deprives the country of the positive prospects »(Kasparov G.K., 2005). That is going to prepare the ground for a consistent transformation of the political system of a political technology, "the president of the Crown" in the "totalitarian" monarchy ". The direct result of the ongoing targeted at the domestic level, policy has been convincing victory in the presidential election March 14, 2008 receiver Putin, against which clearly revealed the impotence of the communist and the liberal opposition.
Thus, in the period from 2000 to the present day is consistent totalitarian government at all levels and a natural consequence of this are the features which have a preparatory stage and in fact the mechanism of manipulation of the consciousness of personality of the period. The preparatory phase of the social mechanism of the manipulation of consciousness the individual has the following specifics. The true purpose of the impact of manipulation is to create a rigid authoritarian system with elements of totalitarianism. Confirmation of this can be seen looking at regulations, proposals, laws passed in recent years. For example, the decision of the Constitutional Court of 18.10.2011 N 23-D of the impossibility of bringing the judges to criminal liability for making knowingly illegal sentence or other judicial act if the act came into force and not repealed in the manner prescribed by procedural legislation and the proposal made by 22/10/2011 to abolish the system witnesses in Russia Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting with the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Tver, the Federal Law of 11.07.2011 N 195-FZ, entitling the investigating authorities the ability to destroy narcotic drugs found physical evidence in criminal cases before the sentencing court.
Accordingly, the pseudo-objective, then that will be implemented in the individual consciousness with the impact of manipulation - drawn to the idea of ​​reviving the national idea. The model aims to achieve a pseudo drive home the individual - the inclusion of reviving patriotic movement (for example, the revival of the Cossacks, which was considered to support the autocracy). Characteristic features of the social mechanism of the manipulation of consciousness of personality are defined as follows. Specificity of the content of universal adoption. The true idea of ​​playing the role of conductor false floor and false ideas is that patriotic education is important for the development of self-awareness, developing a sense of patriotism. Half a false idea - a sense of patriotism is one of the components of love for the motherland. False idea that makes the essential content that is embedded in the notion of "patriotism" when pride is replaced with pride and patriotic activities - support the officially adopted positions. The false idea - Russia has a special mission, which is expressed as a guarantor of peace at the global level because of the special spiritual nature of its people in general, and every single person in particular and to carry out this mission in the country to restore order. Changes made in reality, are the laws and regulations adopted in this period. Specificity of the content of universal integration: patriotic education is important for the development of self-awareness, developing a sense of patriotism. Patriotism is one of the components of love for the motherland. Specificity of the content of universal translation. Formed and directed behavioral activities - inclusion in the various patriotic movements created to redirect the activity of a political personality in the educational channel, because "the political sphere imploded. And democracy, what to eat, and yet democracy, cannot disappear because it was fighting someone, and it suppressed, but simply because voters no longer go to the polls » (Fadeev V.., 2007).
Thus, the socio-philosophical understanding of creation and manipulation of the theoretical construct of a universal mechanism for the manipulation of consciousness of personality, by which this manipulation is carried out, becomes of paramount importance because it allows not only reveal the universal mechanism of manipulation effects, but also create ways of leveling, and in an ideal anti-this mechanism.

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